Who's daft idea was that??

Discussion in 'Swansea City' started by Jimbo, 28 Apr 2019.

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  1. Jimbo

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    I feel really sorry for the players yesterday.

    Who's stupid idea was it to have a player walk around after yesterday's game. Looking at the pictures there were only a handful of fans still in the stadium.

    Why would you do that with another home game just a couple of days away. I was at the game but left with everybody else

    No stadium announcement that it was going to happen either!!

    The players must have felt like right dipsticks walking round and waving to just their family members
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  2. Dertomazio

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    I thought that as well . The time to show your appreciation is at the end of the season but to be fair , it was announced at half time that it was intended to happen to allow school children present to join in the celebrations and who might not be there midweek on a school night .
  3. Boundy Still Lurks

    Boundy Still Lurks
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    I stayed and yes it was a poor turnout especially for Curtis who was " allowed" to go around at the end of the procession , not a fitting end to a Club legend tenure at the Club . hark back to our first season in the PL and there where Elvis's every where, yesterday it felt like one man and his dog
  4. Bubbles

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    Inmate 3

    Remind me again about club PR and hourly rates Jimbo. Less likely to get a hammering from an empty stadium.
    "Really sorry for missin the play-offs lads, but cheer us on next year with half the academy gone, and routs n Nate on their testimonials". You're welcome. #justsayinlike
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