Confirmed We safe from relegation.

Discussion in 'Swansea City' started by andagain, 14 Apr 2019.

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  1. andagain

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    Jack Bastard

    Not really been looking at the back end of the table after the previous three wins from last Tuesday we were safe.

    Still a slim playoff chance but unless Bristol, Middlesbrough, Derby and Rotherham, Ipswich, Hull want to loss there next three games we should start looking at our other players.
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  2. Bovi

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    Inmate 1

  3. IanABS94

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    Been a decent Easter!

    Leeds unlikely to gain automatic promotion so they will likely bottle it again. We're only 5 points off the playoff places so if we beat Derby at home we have every chance of a playoff push (would be incredible); but hell with the way this season has gone off field a top ten finish would be nothing short of an incredible achievement.
  4. leannewales

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    We'd be fooked if we went up this season though :534:
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  5. Bubbles

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    Inmate 3

    Given the fire sale, I'd have to agree. Top 10, building the team from the ground up, season 1. Remarkable achievement. If we manage the miracle of keeping hold of DJ in the summer, build the team around him. That in itself would also be a huge achievement and an indicator whether they're in it for the club, the manager, the staff...or themselves. We shall see.

    BoviBovi & Jacks AwayJacks Away are fuckin bellends
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