Tommy Smith RIP

Discussion in 'Swansea City' started by Wellington, 12 Apr 2019.

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  1. Wellington

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    Jack Bastard

    Swans legend for kicking the shite out of Ossie Ardiles


    He played 36 times for Swansea in the 1978-79 season.

    His famous chest-high tackle on Ossie Ardiles can still be felt, almost half a century later.

    It was Ardiles' first game on British soil, and almost broke the Argentine in two.

    Glenn Hoddle and Ardiles discussed the tackle years later .

    Hoddle takes the story up: "Tommy Smith's playing for Swansea and he's near the end of his career.

    "Ossie had a little bit of English by now, so we're saying, 'Ossie! Ossie! Tommy Smith. No 4. Bad man, tackle'. And Ossie was, 'Ah, no problem. Hard men in Argentina. Daniel Passarella'. I remember him saying that. And we're all going, 'Yeah, but this is different'."

    Ardiles interjects. "I wish I had been better at English at the time so I could understand..."

    Hoddle added: "So 20 minutes into the game, Ossie's going past me on a stretcher and I remember Johnny Pratt shouting, "Ossie! Tommy Smith! Yeah? Bad man".'

    Ardiles: "I was like, 'Welcome to England! Ha, ha, ha'."

    Welcome to Swansea, Ossie.

    Bill Shankly once said of him: "Tommy Smith wasn't born, he was quarried."

  2. Imalumberjack

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    Once heard Shanks say - He wans't born eh he was hewn out of granite!
  3. Bovi

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    Inmate 1


    Absolute legend of the game
  4. smudger

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    Jack Bastard

    Rip Tommy lad
  5. Dilligaf

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    Bad Cop

    RIP Tommy
  6. Neveroffsideref

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    Good Cop

    Remember that game, and therefore for the replay. :( RIP Big man
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  7. Efrog Jack

    Efrog Jack
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    Sad news. His later years blighted by dementia, too.

    As ever Tommy, do not go gently.
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  8. orangejack69

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    RIP Tommy. YJB!

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