Match Review The Rovers v The Swans

Discussion in 'Match Day' started by azzuriswan, 2 May 2019.

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  1. john goulding

    john goulding
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    Jack Bastard

    Hi All
    Missed first half. W E said we played the Best Ever
    Shit second half
    C U all next season
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  2. azzuriswan

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    A long day Sunday. Left the City at 5am stopping en route in Chorley for a cup of tea and cake. The 8 flights of stairs up to the upper tier certainly reminded me of the 14 flights in St James Park Newcastle. View of the game was good in between bouncing blow up swans and sheep. The atmosphere from the Jack Army was its usual noisy self especially in the first half when the team played some scintillating stuff and should have had more than the 2 goals we had. Nordfelt to me is a nightmare. I have never ever seen a goalkeeper that does not control his 6 yard box in front of him like him and I have seen some wonders over the years. Can he catch the ball? He did in the second half much to the delight of the supporters with a rendition of "he caught the ball, he caught the ball....". The missed punches in the first half were embarrassing.
    No Dan James on the pitch...toe injury? A cameo from the wonder of Asoro. Is there hope in him?
    We are only a couple of tidy players short of winning this league and hopefully the owners will bring some players in to help the cause.
    Not long until the new season and the derby days with those up the road.
    Time to relax now and take in the play offs and the Wales games with no pressure on us...
  3. Bubbles

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    Inmate 3

    Best summary yet AS (Y)
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