Match Review The Former Super Swans v West 'Am

Discussion in 'Match Day' started by PGFWhite, 18 Dec 2016.

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  1. PGFWhite

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    Rissole Expert

    Santa will have been and gone by the time we play our next Premier League fixture against the East London wide boys on Boxing Day, 2016


    Weather Forecast: Wear your new Christmas jumpers, pants and socks
    Bet365 Forecast: 8/5 The Former Super Swans, 21/10 Draw, 9/5 Irons
    Pre Match Drinks: Dills House (It’s Christmas)
    Date: Boxing Day
    Venue: Home (not my home, the Swans home)
    How To Get There: Bus, Train, Car, Bike, Walk, Boat, Drone
    Kick Off: Boxing Day
    Teams: Us v Them
    Most Likely Chants: "You're Shit, And You Know You Are", “Any Old Irons”, “You’re getting Sacked In The Morning”, “Greedy Bastards, Get Out of Our Club” "Bobs For Ever Blowing Bubbles" "Who the Fuck is Paul Williams?"
    Season Ticket Renewals: Why?

    Swans Warm Up: Come early and watch the “Lazy Lob Throws To Our Back 4” by Paul Williams

    Swans Travel Club: No bus will be running for this fixture. The West ‘Am bus is leaving London at 8am

    The Irons travel to Landore from the plush surroundings of the Olympic Stadium, Stratford (not Shakespeares Stratford, but the one that used to be a dive before they knocked it down and rebuilt it for the Olympics).

    The London Stadium has been a problem for the ‘Ammers this season with no real form shown because of all the empty seats causing a draught. Their recent away form has been more impressive with draws at Old Trafford and Anfield which followed a narrow defeat at Spurs in a blood and thunder London derby

    Ammers Last 5 Away
    Palace 0 West ‘Am 1
    Everton 2 West ‘Am 0
    Spurs 3 West ‘Am 2
    Man U 1 West ‘Am 1
    Liverpool 2 West ‘Am 2

    They’re on a roll after a 1-0 thrashing of Hull, which by all accounts Hull should have won at a canter. So this is basically a match to find out who’s the worst in the Premiership. Despite all their stars, the Irons have struggled all season with Slaven Bilic under constant pressure to obtain results. Sound familiar (apart from the “stars” bit)?

    On the plus side Andre Ayew will be on show after facing three months out with injury, unfortunately he won’t be playing for us. I was a staunch critic of him last year as he never fitted into our system, but as we no longer have a system he would probably be our Player of the Season.

    Defeat will see Brad Bobley and Paul Williams chased out of town by the East, West and South Stands, the staff of Rossis and a pack of wild dogs.

    It’s all to play for.



  2. Neveroffsideref

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    Good Cop

    She is a fine filly!!

    I think you forgot to add the lads from The Railway will be chasing the greedy bastards, down to the Tawe for a swim. We can start singing Swim Away again.

    I miss our old chants like:

    You've only come to watch The Swans.
    Swans will tear you apart again.

    Them chants are a distant memory!! :(

    I did say nice tits by the way?
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  3. Boundy Still Lurks

    Boundy Still Lurks
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    Super Moderator

    a couple of hopeful lobs into our box will result in goals , for them :( , unless of course Santa comes late or early, who cares, but as long as he brings a new manager to instil some belief and fear into our squad of overpaid pampered pussies called players
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  4. Istillmissthevetch

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    Jack Bastard

    West Ham win - they are getting back where they should be and have you seen their recent away results.
    Draw - they are getting back where they should be and have you seen their recent away results.
    Swans win - Bob is the best manager in the world.
  5. Istillmissthevetch

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    Jack Bastard

    Ayew to haunt us?
    Carroll to keep up his record?
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  6. PGFWhite

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    Rissole Expert

    ****, we're two goals down already :364:
  7. Bovi

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    We are fucked end of as long as that bald clueless twat is manager.
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  8. Borini

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    BlobbyBlobby to be arrested for calling Carroll a useless gippo imitation.
  9. Istillmissthevetch

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    Jack Bastard

    Your glass is always half full!
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  10. leannewales

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    Moderator xxx

    I dunno where you got that photo of me sunbathing down Oxwich bay....I remember that rock was feckin uncomfortable though ;)
  11. Ivoralljack

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    Jack Bastard

    Really? Actually, I'm on my own on Xmas day......... :)
  12. Yankee_Jack

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    Jack Bastard

    Their away form against some top teams has not been that bad - they're scoring goals away from home at tough venues. We're going to get hammered.
  13. Nom Nom

    Nom Nom
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    VIP Swan

    In the spirit of Xmas wet spam are giving us a two goal start, but we will still lose 2-3 !
  14. Istillmissthevetch

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    Jack Bastard

    Rangel Fed VdHoorn Naughton
    ..............Amat ... Fer
    Dyer ....... Siggy ........ Routledge
    ........... Llorente / Baston / Barrow or McBurnie
  15. MrSwan

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    Jack Bastard

    Thats how we should line up on the weekend, fuck it.
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  16. Ivoralljack

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    Jack Bastard

    Nothing against Boro's kids but I hope we smash the fcuking pulp out of them.
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  17. Istillmissthevetch

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    Jack Bastard


    But how thin is McBurnie?

  18. IanABS94

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    He's a scrawny fella that's for sure.

    West Ham haven't been in the best form this season and look shaky at the back. They, like us, have some good attacking threat though so it could be a goalfest.

    Personally I'd be very happy with a 1-0 squeaky bum win and we need to stop shipping goals; our goal difference is shocking since the Spurs game and that was one of the good things about our situation when Bob took over. We were in a poor position table wise but our GD showed that we were in a bit of a false position. Now our GD is second worst in the league and right in line with that we are second bottom in the table.

    It's not like our defence has become any worse than it was under Guidolin - we have no major injuries to contend with there so something has changed; we are more attacking perhaps but he needs to sort the defence first.
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  19. andagain

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    Jack Bastard

    Team for west ham

    Gregor Zabret,
    Tyler Reid, Joe Rodon, Keston Davies (Capt), Stephen Kingsley,
    Ryan Blair, Tom Holland ,George Byers
    Daniel James, Oli McBurnie, Nathan Dyer

    Coach Cameron Toshack
  20. azzuriswan

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    VIP Swan

    So Bob will have a day off?

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