StateSide Jacks

Discussion in 'Swansea City' started by Imalumberjack, 16 Feb 2019.

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  1. Imalumberjack

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    Antone on here heard of them - apparently they have talked to Pearlman and a few others - and then told everyone they couldn't say what was said! They seem surprised that people are pissed off with them - someone threatened one of them - totally misread the passion of local supporters
  2. Nom Nom

    Nom Nom
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    Jack Bastard

    The yanks talked to them as a PR exercise for their home soil, and insisted on a non disclosure agreement !

    Looks like they are getting very sensitive to the criticism that is growing in the world of publishing !
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  3. Boundy Still Lurks

    Boundy Still Lurks
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    Super Moderator

    Not sure what to make of this , yes its good to talk but then not be in position to openly reveal what was said makes it a. iffy & b. a waste of fucking time
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  4. Victor

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    Hope that they are not planning to transfer James, and one or two of the younger players to D.C., so that the
    Stateside Jacks can see them play. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Do not trust the Yanks. .
  5. Bovi

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    Inmate 1

    Stateside Wanks more like

    They know full well it’s the trust the hedge fund should be talking to
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