Discussion in 'Swansea City' started by PGFWhite, 20 May 2016.

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  1. PGFWhite

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    Rissole Expert

    The draw for the EURO 2016 Championships took place at 20.30 BST at UEFA Headquarters in Morriston. All members are expected to post a Youtube video of them singing the national anthem of their respective teams.

    Group A
    France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland
    Group B
    Wales, Slovakia, England, Russia
    Group C
    Poland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Ukraine
    Group D
    Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Czech Republic
    Group E
    Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Italy
    Group F
    Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Iceland

    The tournament starts on June 10th with host harryomaticharryomatic facing a lively encounter with Senior Gendros JackSenior Gendros Jack

    1. PGF - Slovakia
    10. ottawa_swanottawa_swan - Spain
    17. Keyser SozeKeyser Soze - Wales
    2. BoriniBorini - Switzerland
    4. NeveroffsidereffNeveroffsidereff - Albania :lmao:
    19. Senior Gendros JackSenior Gendros Jack - Romania
    5. Harryomatic - France
    23. swanjackalswanjackal - England :smiley taunt001:
    11. 1jack1jack - Poland
    18. IvoralljackIvoralljack - Northern Ireland
    3. DilligafDilligaf - Russia
    6. BoviBovi - Iceland
    7. Yankee_JackYankee_Jack - Germany
    8. RainbowRainbow - Ukraine
    15. BLOBBYBLOBBY - Czech Republic
    21. azzuriswanazzuriswan - Republic of Ireland
    20. MiklosMiklos - Croatia
    16. Mrs BLOBBY - Turkey
    9. WellingtonWellington - Austria
    22. ballboyballboy - Belgium
    24. ImalumberjackImalumberjack - Italy
    14. Boundy Still LurksBoundy Still Lurks - Portugal
    12. BehindthegoalBehindthegoal - Hungary
    13. Jacks AwayJacks Away - Sweden

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  2. PGFWhite

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    Rissole Expert

  3. Borini

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  4. Dilligaf

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    Bad Cop

    I'll have Germany :whistle2:
  5. Neveroffsideref

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    Good Cop

    Neveroffsidereff is in!!
  6. harryomatic

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    Jack Bastard

    Harry in. Can never have too many draws on the go!
  7. PGFWhite

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    Rissole Expert

    Iceland it is then :449:
  8. Bovi

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    Inmate 1

    I don't want England, let Rainbow have them
  9. Yankee_Jack

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    Jack Bastard

  10. Rainbow

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    I'd sooner have Belgium!
  11. Wellington

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    Jack Bastard

    I'll play
  12. Victoria Swan

    Victoria Swan
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    Jack Bastard

    Count in Ottawa
  13. 1jack

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    I'm in.
  14. Behindthegoal

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    Yes please.
  15. Jacks Away

    Jacks Away
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    Inmate 2

  16. Boundy Still Lurks

    Boundy Still Lurks
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    Super Moderator

    If you insist then yes
  17. Nom Nom

    Nom Nom
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    Jack Bastard

    I'm in, see if I can keep my winning streak going, Mrs Blobby is asking if she can have a team too.
  18. Keyser Soze

    Keyser Soze
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    VIP Swan

    Count me in please
  19. Ivoralljack

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    Jack Bastard

    Thanks, PG. I'm in.
  20. Senior Gendros Jack

    Senior Gendros Jack
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    Swan Legend

    Im in for sure

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