Another Spot On Analysis

Discussion in 'Swansea City' started by IanABS94, 29 Jan 2018.

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  1. fredbloggs

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    Super Swan

    Spot on.
  2. Ivoralljack

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    Jack Bastard

    Another superb article from Max. I've long held the view that he is far and away the best Swansea City blogger out there. Others might disagree with that, and I would respect their opinion, but he's really nailed his subject with this article. Just a great read.
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  3. Borini

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    Brilliant article.
    The nub of it is
    Huw Jenkins get out of our club you useless money grabbing piece of doggy do. :poop:
  4. Bubbles

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    Inmate 3

    So that’s how to exercise restraint. Noted (Y)
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  5. Yankee_Jack

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    Jack Bastard

    Offering ridiculous contract extensions to Routledge and Dyer while letting Ki's run down to nothing is a stunning case of incompetence. It's almost like the Club is being deliberately driven into the Championship and quality players that could and should demand a decent contract are deliberately not renewed.

    It's stunning. We ship out Fulton and Mesa and keep Fer and Sanches.
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  6. Boundy Still Lurks

    Boundy Still Lurks
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    Super Moderator

    A damming indictment of jerkins ineptitude
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  7. R.M.J

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    Swan Legend

    Nail on the head expose
  8. notrac

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    Jack Bastard

    To actually pay to have Mesa loaned to a Champions League club with the position we are in, beggars belief.
    However it surely is all about the Balance Sheet.Messa stays as an asset at cost less normal depreciation.Football comes second to accountancy.
    Messa and Baston appear on the Balance Sheet as if everything is right in the world.Even though they no longer play for us the accounts do not reveal it.
    Creative accounting is one thing. This is more like destructive crap.
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  9. jaitheswan

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    Jack Bastard

    That article says it all ... nothing more to add. Perhaps we can cry
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  10. notrac

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    Jack Bastard

    It is impossible to see any logic in what is happening. Unless there were personal benefits to individuals in bringing these players to Swansea initially, there has to be some underhand reason known only to Jenkins and the Americans because it just doesn't make any sense at all.
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