Quote or Multi-Quote a Post

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Quote a Post

Quoting a post is as easy as everything else is to do on the forums. All you need to do is to go to the post you want to quote and click on the 'Quote' text at the bottom right of the post. This will then add the quoted post automatically into your reply.

Multi-Quote Posts

If you want to quote multiple posts just click on the 'Multi-Quote' text at the bottom right of the post for every post you want to quote. Then click 'Insert Quotes' which will appear underneath the quick reply box to the left, a box will appear with the posts you have selected, you can then rearrange these into a different order and then click 'Quote These Messages' and they will be inserted into the reply box.

Enhanced Quote & Multi-Quote

With the new Quote & Multi-Quote feature you no longer have to click either of the options to the bottom right of the post then delete part of the quote you don't want, now you can just highlight whatever text you want to quote or add to a multi-quote. See a quick example in the image below.


With this new system you can multi-quote from different threads. The usual quote and multi-quote system still applies for quoting full posts, this is just to make things easier for you.
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26 Jul 2014
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