Ignoring Threads and/or Forums

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You now have the ability to Ignore Threads and Forums. At the top of the thread list and at the top of each thread you will now see these:

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

So if you want to ignore a thread just click on the 'Ignore Thread' link, which will bring up a new box:


You now have 3 options, pretty self explanatory, News Feed will hide the thread on the news feed (if you use the news feed that is), New Posts will hide the threads when you use the new Posts link, and Thread List will hide the thread from the forum thread list that that thread is in.

At the bottom right of the New Posts page you will see this:


Clicking that will show the threads you are currently ignoring in the list.

Ignore forums works in exactly the same way, except NO posts from that forum will appear in the New Posts page.

If at any time you wish to view the content you are ignoring just click on your username in the nav bar and under settings you will see the links to view your ignored content.

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3 Feb 2015
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