Creating a Table

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Creating a Table similar to that of Excel is a very simple process.

When creating a thread use the BB Code of 'table' and '/table' I have deliberately left out [ and ] or I would be creaing a blank table, and insert your data between those codes, for example if I wanted to create a table of 3 rows and 3 columns I would simply add this between the code


The result is this:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
0 column column column
1 row row row
2 row row row

If you notice with just using a simple table BB Code you have the title's inserted automatically as the same data of your first row, in this example 'column' to prevent this and to make sure you have your own titles for each column simply use table=head as your opening tag, don't forget it needs to be enclosed with [ and ], so for example I'm going to use the table=head tag:


And the result is:

Player Team Position
1 Chico Swansea Defender
2 Shelvey Swansea Midfield
3 Gomis Swansea Striker

You can use , | or (tab) to separate the column data and a new line for a new row. You can also create your table in excel and copy and paste the data between the table tags without the need to use any separators, for example, I have created the following by copy and pasting my excel data:

Player Team Position Red Cards Yellow Cards Goals
1 Gomis Swansea Striker 0 2 100
2 Bony Swansea Striker 0 5 150
3 Chico Swansea Defender 8 25 1

*Please note in order to copy and paste excel date you must switch to the BB Code Editor, this is the the little page icon with a spanner on the top right of your text editor box. After you have pasted your data you can then switch back to the normal editor by clicking on the 'Use Rich Text Editor' link bottom left under the text box.

Once all date is entered, you can Preview to make sure you are happy before Create Thread, the forum will take care of all the formatting and add in the extras you see on each table I have created.
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26 Jul 2014
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