Changing Your User Title

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At present your user title changes as you gain points, you also get awarded trophies for certain things. Our current user titles and points needed are as follows:

Newbie > 0
Cygnet > 5
Swan > 20
Super Swan > 50
Swan Legend > 150

To view the current list of trophies and what actions award you points, take a look here:
Trophies | A Swansea City Forum | The Jack Army

You can view how many Trophy Points you have at any time by clicking on your own avatar to bring up your member card. You can see what trophies you have been awarded by going into your own Profile Page. Our trophy system is currently under construction but most are in place.

If you don't want to wait to gain points, the other option available to change your user title is by becoming a VIP Member, this can be done simply by going into your account upgrades and choosing one of the VIP options.
Account Upgrades | A Swansea City Forum | The Jack Army
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26 Jul 2014
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