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Why Gylfi Sigurdsson is absolutely worth £50 million

With all of the crazy transfers happening right now, and wild numbers being thrown around, is Everton's current primary target Sigurdsson worth a...
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  1. Every single Swansea City and Everton fan has heard of the transfer rumour that has been circulating around the internet over the past two months. Yes, I am talking about the current transfer embargo involving none other than the set-piece specialist known as Gylfi Sigurdsson. The Icelandic midfielder has been all over the news, with figures starting around 35 million and eventually reaching the recently quoted 50 million pounds.

    50 million for a lower-to-mid table playmaker is a lot of money, I'm not going to ignore the elephant in the room. However, many similar cases like this have happened before and are definitely happening now. Danny Drinkwater, a rather mediocre English central-midfielder for Leicester City has been linked with a move to Chelsea that would cost the Blues 35 million to complete. This is the same player that played 29 games for Leicester last season, and he only manage to score 1 goal and pick up 1 assist. Sigurdsson, on the other hand, managed to compete in 38 premier league games scoring nine goals and gathering 13 assists in the league.

    You may say that to compare a central-midfielder and a central-attacking midfielder is asinine, that the statistics will obviously be biased. How about we compare Gylfi with another transfer-linked CAM in the form of Ross Barkley. Ross Barkley has been linked with several clubs, namely Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, with Everton pricing the Liverpool-born man at around £50 million, indicating he is to a similar ability to Gylfi. However, statistics don't lie. Barkley played in 36 games for the Toffees managing 5 goals and 8 assists, meaning Sigurdsson has almost doubled the amount of goals and assists Barkley brought to the table. Barkley created 9 big chances last season, whilst Sigurdsson managed 16. Sigurdsson also helped at the back too, intercepting 35 balls and making 45 tackles overall. Barkley only managed 10 interceptions and made 30 successful tackles.

    But, instead of just comparing to other highly-valued midfielders, let's look at Sigurdsson himself. The 'Iceman' was incredibly vital for Swansea City last season, no questions asked. He was their Number 1 goalscorer + assister in all competitions. He has performed consistently throughout the three years he has played at the Liberty Stadium, quickly turning fan favourite, and it is easy to see why.

    In the last three seasons, Sigurdsson has scored the most free kick goals out of any Premier League player. He has been involved in 53 goals, one behind Tottenhams Christian Eriksen. He is fifth in most assists out of every midfielder, joining a list that includes Cesc Fabregas, Mesut Ozil, Eriksen and Kevin De Bruyne. Similarly, out of every midfielder in the Premier League he has scored the most goals (27) in the past three seasons.

    It is clear that he is invaluable for Swansea however with 50 million in the bank and with the right replacements lined up I can easily see this ending as a good deal for all parties involved. Everton get their man, Swansea get a ridiculous sum of money and Gylfi Sigurdsson gets the move he wants. It is a clear win-win situation for everyone.

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