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Our regular feature putting the spotlight on our members to share some memories and information on why they are a fan of the Swans.
By Admin, 7 Mar 2015 | |
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  1. Name: (Forum Username)JACKFLASH

    (Up to you)74 and a bit

    Where you are from:
    (Town and/or Country)Born in Swansea and lived the first 34years of my life there,I now reside in Pembrokeshire (Haverfordwest).

    How long have you been supporting the Swans?

    63 years

    What was your first Swans game?
    Can't actually remember who we played in my first game but the first game I can really remember was against Leeds,it was the battle of the Charles's,John with Leeds and of course Mel with us,I'm pretty sure we won it 2-1.

    Why did you start supporting the Swans?
    Family trait,when old enough was dragged along by my older brothers.

    What is your most memorable Swans moment?
    There's been two moments I've been proud to witness,1st Watching us beat Preston N E away to clinch promotion to the Div.1 and of course our Wembley success for promotion to the Premiership.

    Best game you've seen at the Vetch/Liberty?
    I think it would have to be the WBA game in 2012/13 season, the first 45 mins was the best football I have witnessed in my life,absolutely breathtaking.

    Best goal you’ve seen at the Vetch/Liberty?
    That's a tough one,must have seen hundreds of goals,but one that stands out in my mind was from Mel Charles,can't even remember the game but he was about 25/30yds out in the middle of the park,Len Allchurch crossed the ball square,it was about 18ins off the ground he volleyed it and it was still 18ins off the ground when it hit the back of the net,the days of a mud pitch and wet leather ball.

    What is your favourite away ground, and why?
    It would have to be Villa Park, I played on it in 1955 for the Swans schoolboys,we beat Preston to win the English Shield,I was fortunate enough to play with two schoolmates in that team,Herbie Williams and the late Busby Babe Kenny Morgans (Man.U.) also in that team was Barry Hole from St Davids school.

    Your greatest sacrifice to watch the Swans?
    Don't think I've ever made a great sacrifice to watch them,done a few dull things like coming home from the Middle East a few times, watching the game and going straight back out,now I travel about 3.000 miles a season to watch home games alone,but I consider that a labour of love.

    Your typical pre-match ritual?
    Before setting off on a Sat.morning I have a big breakfast at my local Morrisons,buy the Sun to see who's not giving us any chance today,I arrive at the stadium and sometimes meet the terrible twins Blobby and Borini for a beer,never taken note if thats a good or a bad ritual.

    Who is your favourite Swans player of all time, and why?
    I'm going to go for Ivor,purely because of the conditions he played in, inches of mud and a heavy leather ball,I've often wondered what a player he would have been playing on bowling green and a light vinyl ball.

    Favourite current player?
    For his consistency it has to be Leon,can't remember him having a bad game.

    Favourite Swans kit from over the years?
    It would be the Gulf kit.

    If you could sign one player for the club, who would it be?
    Sergio Aguero.

    Your most disappointing moment watching the Swans?
    Every time we lose.

    If you had one pasty to throw, who would you throw it at, and why?
    Anyone in the visiting end if we're losing.

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