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TJA Fan Focus - Curtis Badder

Our regular feature putting the spotlight on our members to share some memories and information on why they are a fan of the Swans.
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  1. Name: Curtis Badder

    Age: 40

    From: Llanelli, now live in Florence, SC USA

    How long have you been supporting the Swans?
    been a supporter since 1983, when I was 9.

    What was your first Swans game?
    A 0-0 draw with Notts in 85.

    What is your most memorable Swans moment?

    My most memorable moment was watching the Swans getting promoted at Wembley from my laptop. Wish I could've been there.

    Best game you've seen at the Vetch/Liberty?
    My best game at Vetch was in 85, my first visit there with My father and His mates. A 0-0 draw with Notts.

    Best goal you’ve seen at the Vetch/Liberty?
    Best goal at Liberty? I hate to say it, but I've never been there. Any goal at Vetch was memorable and special in those days.

    What is your favourite away ground, and why?
    The only away ground I've been to is Old Tratford. I hate the bloody place. I've seen a lot of matches in Scunthorpe, but never the Swans.

    Your greatest sacrifice to watch the Swans?
    I often have to get up before 5:00 am Saturday morning to watch Swansea.

    Your typical pre-match ritual?
    Prematch, get up, brew tea, let the dogs out, turn on the television.....it's sad.

    Who is your favourite Swans player of all time, and why?
    Favorite all time player? Bony, just liked his on pitch performance.

    Favourite current player?
    JJS, class act chap.

    Favourite Swans kit from over the years?
    I absolutely loved the purple and yellow kits.

    If you could sign one player for the club, who would it be?
    If I could sign any player, it'd be Gareth Bale. He's my favourite current footballer. I think he's far more talented than what he's showing. He'd be better of back in the UK.

    Your most disappointing moment watching the Swans?
    My most disappointing match was watched from a pub in 2000 from Castleford, my last match in the UK before I moved to the states.

    If you had one pasty to throw, who would you throw it at, and why?
    I'd throw it at anyone in s Manchester United kit. I hate them.

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