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TJA Fan Focus - Borini

Our regular feature putting the spotlight on our members to share some memories and information on why they are a fan of the Swans.
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  1. Name: Borini

    Age: 30 minutes younger than BLOBBY.

    Where you are from:

    West Cross originally now living in Winchwen.

    How long have you been supporting the Swans?

    51 years

    What was your first Swans game?

    Nov14th 1964 Swansea Town 3 Newcastle United 1.......the start of a lifelong bad habit!

    Why did you start supporting the Swans?

    Love at first sight...the atmosphere at the Vetch with the lads kicking the back of the north bank with their heels.....three goals in my first game what was there not to love?

    What is your most memorable Swans moment?
    Hugging my Dad and crying like a baby while jumping up and down at the same time after the final whistle went at Preston.....We were in the first division!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best game you've seen at the Vetch/Liberty?

    Coming back from four down to draw against Rotherham/first game in first division Swansea City 5 Leeds United 1...Swans against forest in play off semi final....that atmosphere has never been matched at the liberty.

    Best goal you’ve seen at the Vetch/Liberty?
    Vetch field Gary Stanley had a fabulous volley Ivor Allchurch scored a few good ones too but the most satisfying was Alan Curtis getting number 5 against Leeds.

    At the Liberty probably JJ against Villa ......45 yards and the ball turned sharp right as it crossed the six yard box .... unbelievable!! .... also Pratley against Forest for the relief alone. Best performance is still the first 43 mins against west brom when the 3 wingers were let loose and every flick reached a white shirt and left a baggy gasping! Why cant we play like that any more ? :(

    What is your favourite away ground, and why?

    The shed end at Chelsea before re-development...atmosphere almost as good as a night match at the vetch.

    Your greatest sacrifice to watch the Swans?
    Nov 15th 1980 Swans home to Watford at 3pm. Nov 15TH 1980 AT 11AM I married Mrs, Borini in the old guild hall..... she proposed to me on valentines day and named the day...I said no as the swans were home....she said we can marry in the morning I can go to footy in the afternoon and we can have a do in the evening.....Done deal I said......only prob was the heavens opened up and the match was cancelled as the vetch was flooded...blobby had arranged for announcement to be made at the vetch as well..............damn!

    Your typical pre-match ritual?
    BLOBBY and Mrs.Blobby pick me up 2 hrs before Kick off. We then go to lunch at Morrisons or KFC then go for a beer at the harvester or Franky and Bennies with JACKFLASH and whoever else wants a chinwag before the game. We enter at turnstile 20 ,,,blobs first then me...blobs gives me money to get the coffee in then he goes to visit his favorite urinal . He leads the way up to row N and walks down to his seat in front of me so I have to squeeze past him to my seat....it HAS to be done this way or blobs is convinced we will lose....personally as long as I get to sit in my seat I could not care less!!!!

    Who is your favourite Swans player of all time, and why?
    That is a tough one there have been so many...Currently Leon and Routs Leon for his consistency and service and Routs for his amazing ability he is the most technically gifted player at the club as most of the players will attest to.... over the years though there have been Herbie Williams, Keith Todd,.Jimmy Mcloughlin Alan Curtis Robbie James Jimmy Habziadzic Leighton James Bob Latchford Lee Trundle Ferrie Bodde Michu Wilfred Bony and any one who has just scored for us.....over all I will pick Alan Curtis...in his prime he was amazing...he would drop his left shoulder turn 180 degrees and the two defenders marking him would be all over the place leaving him room to pop the ball in the corner of the net.

    Favourite current player?
    Wayne Routledge and Lucaz Fabianski.

    Favourite Swans kit from over the years?
    The TWIRL.

    The green and black stripe was tasty too and the centenary white kit pure class that one..almost as nice as the twirl.

    If you could sign one player for the club, who would it be?
    Wilfred Bony lol or Ronaldo.....or Messi.

    Your most disappointing moment watching the Swans?

    When that scum barsteward scored a scorcher into the corner at the Liberty I was almost suicidal............ of all the people in all the world to score a winner against the mighty Swans it had to be him GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sorry I am still too upset to name the maggott....but he could start a fight in an empty room.....you know who I mean! bin dipping bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!

    If you had one pasty to throw, who would you throw it at, and why?

    All the plastics who leave before the final whistle......DO THEY NOT REALISE THERE IS A GAME ON?.....on the pitch Charlie Adam / Joey Barton and any one who has just scored against us.

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