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Danielswan´s awards and stats.

By Danielswan, 25 May 2015 | |
  1. Overall player of the year: Ashley Williams.

    Solid in the defence inspiring his teammates every single game. Has the highest avr. rating in Swansea and one of the best in the premier league when it comes to clearing the ball out of danger. Our clean sheets arent only due to Fabianski.

    Offensive player of the year: Jefferson Montero

    Having only played half of Gylfi´s time and achieving 7 assists in open play with the highest successfull dribbling rate at Swansea Montero has done really well. His vision lacks somewhat but he makes up for it in pure speed and the ability to put a fullback in slowmotion he has earned this title. With Bony gone he was the only choice, Gylfi was in the picture but he tends to disappear too much in some matches.

    Midfielder of the year: Ki Sung-Yeung

    Ki only suffers from one major flaw, his vision when it comes to being offensive lacks. We should be thankful because he probably wouldnt be at Swansea if he assisted more. His middlename is stability, he always finds a player and keeps the game flowing without too many unnecessary touches. His defensive play is okay but can still be improved upon, something I hope will show in the season to come.

    Defender of the year: Frederico Fernandez

    With only one award to each player and Ash already chosen as king of all Fernandez needs to be mentioned. His stats are high regardless of what look at, his interceptions, tackling, heading and even passing ...he is extremely reliable and hardly ever makes a mistake.

    Best new player this season: L. Fabianski

    With only a few mistakes to show he has proven to be an improvement on goal, rock solid in the air, no flappyhandski and his shotstopping has been splendid. Defence and goalie mutually benefit from each other in terms of inspiring one another.

    The best "chain" in the Swansea squad: Defence

    With the tremendous effords from Ash, Fernandez, Noughton and Taylor our defense has been rock solid when it mattered. This also gave Fabianski the confidence to get out and punch or grab the loose balls in the air. A worthy mention to Rangel for his servitude and reliability when called upon.

    Flop of the season: Nathan Dyer

    Its not just the same player and I can´t explain why. He has had his few moments of glory but is due for an exit, something which is extremely sad.

    PS: I could bore you all with tons of stats, but I chose to make my own judgement with all the numbers I had.

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